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Infinite Goddess is one of the premier artist management firms for Kundalini and 3HO music. We provide business planning, tour management, promotion, and more. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you excel!
Aykanna is a stunning musical duo created by Pauline Sukhdev Drossart and Grammy nominated percussionist Akahdahmah. Together they merge devotional chants with uplifting music.
Bachan Kaur (Madeleine) lives a life fueled by creativity, spirit and service to the evolution of consciousness. The power in her music lies in its purity - vibrating as a living prayer, evoking deep states of healing and love.
Benjahmin brings a devotional and poignant energy to his sharing of the Sacred Science that is Kundalini Yoga.
Bhai Kultar Singh, son of the late Bhai Sahib Avtar Singh Ji, grandson of Bhai Sahib Jwala Singh Ji, is the scion of one of the most distinguished lineages in the world, Gurmat Sangeet, reaching back to the times of the Gurus.
DJ Sharu is a multidimensional DJ / Producer / Musician, Healer, and Yoga and Meditation Teacher.
Ferenz Kallos, a sacred music composer, Producer, Artist, Violinist, guitarist, Pianist, combines influences from the East with influences from both Classical, World music, meditation music, creating a stimulating and exotic multi-cultural fusion that is truly introspection spirit music.
Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa has been playing 3H0 music for over 3 decades. He would hear Yogi Bhajan teach at Women's Camp and his wife would share with him the mantras and immediately, he would put the mantras to music. We are so grateful to Guru Shabad Singh for his gift of music!
The energetic dance-able track on the Sampler is a gift from Gurunam Singh. Ong Kar Nirankar (Jai Te Gung) is taken from his Union album, this version was edited just for you. Again, the 10th Master's words call upon the steel sword for purificaton and protection. Apply everywhere and enjoy.
From Sweden with love. Annki Har Dayaal Kaur and Klas Har Dayaal Singh are a devoted married couple that passionately share yoga, meditation and music wherever they go.
From Asheville, North Carolina, we are lucky to have one of the most heart centered and sweetly sung classic Long Time Sun by Hari Bhajan Kaur. Found on her Miracles and Healing album, just listen to the first three of her definitive guitar strums and you instinctly know which track it is!
From San Francisco, Bay Area, the talented singer and writer, Japa Kaur sings an old 3HO classic lullaby, Guru Ram Das Lullaby. Many mothers over the last 4 decades have send this tune to their children to send them off to dreamland realling the Sikh Gurus and their known gifts.
Joe Panzetta (AKA Sat Sangeet) is a Seattle based musician, producer, yoga & meditation instructor, and graphic designer.
From Phoenix, Arizona, Livtar is back with a highly devoted and very sweet Guru Ram Das Chant. Also available on his Sadhana Dream album.
A Yogi. A Teacher. A Chef. A Farmer. A Father. An Ashramite. An Entrepreneur. A Community Leader. Mata Mandir Singh serves all.
Michelle is Love (Jai Kartar) truly strives for Perfection of the Soul through Music and is thrilled to be able to share her joy as an International Artist and Yogi.
From Canada, Ravidass Singh offers an Indie-Pop sound to the ancient Mul Mantra form his Ambrosial Sadhana album. Strumming his guitar and singing form his heart, his Mul Mantra is ever so contagious.
From Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Renato Motha and Patricia Lobato provide us with upbeat positivity with their version of Sat Narayan from the Sunni-e/ Shakti album. Calling upon one of the five elements to soothe us and cleanse us, this track will surely lift your spirits.
Sajah Singh has recorded several Kundalini Mantra CDs with either earthy or celestial rhythms; he has also produced instrumental music suitable for pranayam exercises, meditation or relaxation.
Sat Darshan & Sirgun are a beautiful duo who sing a vibrant, creative, meditative, and joyful collection of mantra music for listeners to enjoy.
Masters of Posture. Divine Alignment. The Heart Rules. From Los Angeles, Simran and Guru Prem have recorded many tracks that are timelessly transmitting in the White Tantric Yoga videos. They are famous for the track "Har". Here they give us Rakha Rakhanhar from the Heart Rules album. It is both melodic and soothing. Perfect during the Amrit Vela.