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DJ Sharu

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While DJing in the Los Angeles underground, Sharu had a spiritual awakening. The music that he was playing no longer resonated with the higher vibration and sensitivity that he had experienced. At that point, he stopped DJing full time and began his path of self inquiry and esoteric studies. After a few years of intense searching and studying he finally found something that clicked in a cave dwelling at the Tree of Life in Costa Rica — Kundalin Yoga and Meditation. He totally dedicated himself to the practice living in an ashram for 2 years, but something was calling his name the whole time. He would listen to the Mantras of Kundalini Yoga while practicing and teaching and he would hear the perfect dance beat that would go with it. Slowly and mindfully, he began to do what DJs do best; mix the two together. Combining sacred sound current (Naad) and modern dance beats, Sharu provides a drug-free high that has been making crowds shake their chakras all the while chanting the codes of light, love and the divine.