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Michelle is Love

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Have you ever wondered what a Sikh Hin-Jew Buddhist that is in love with Jesus would sound like? Let me introduce you to Michelle is Love (Jai Kartar) — Latina by birth and Universal by nature. Since she can remember, Life is Music to her and all of life is her muse. Her passionate quest for Truth and understanding reality began as a little girl in a tutu. At 6 years old, she could feel that something greater was singing and moving through her on stage, connecting her to a divine essence beyond definition. Little has changed since then.

Yoga, Dance and Music have been interchangeable terms for the last 14 years of her life, inspiring all her compositions and personal interactions deeply. This drove her to earn Degrees in Religious Studies & Dance — exploring Rituals, Languages and all things Sacred. She reached a pinnacle in her searching when she encountered Kundalini Yoga and the power of Mantra in 2004. It quickly became the love of her life and she spreads that love through sound unconditionally with everyone and anyone. Sat Nam (Truth is my Identity) is in every breath she takes.

Her voice takes you into a healing realm, as it reflects the depth of her devotion and love of the sound current (the true Guru), found everywhere and in everything. Whether she is dancing and performing for thousands or singing Kirtan for a handful of people, she greets every performance with equal enthusiasm and profound grace. She truly strives for Perfection of the Soul through Music and is thrilled to be able to share her joy as an International Artist and Yogi.