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Fearless Chocolate

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FEARLESS is inspired by you who have the courage to dream and act!

Our unroasted chocolate bars mark an evolution in chocolate exploring raw, vibrant, and extraordinarily nutritious interpretations of the most exciting food on the planet.

For those inspired by the rare nutritional wealth of raw cacao, FEARLESS offers chocolate bars crafted with a proprietary process yielding as much as 2-3x more antioxidants than conventional organic chocolate bars.

For those who love to explore the fine nuances of cocoa's myriad flavors, FEARLESS supports a single origin source of Organic Cacao from Bahia Brazil featuring a fine balance of earthy and chocolaty base-notes accented with bright hints of cherry and apricot.

Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth; made with 100% Kosher Certified Ingredients in a Kosher Facility; Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and using only mineral-rich unrefined whole sugars; FEARLESS is a delicious good-for-you gourmet organic chocolate bar. We dream of making wholesome chocolate with a greater purpose, that's why we donate a 1% "bite" of our annual profits to change-making individuals and organizations suggested by our customers.

BASED IN Oakland, California since 2006, FEARLESS was created in the midnight kitchen of artist/activist Jordan Michael Schuster with generous support from our vital customers, family, and friends.