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Bachan Kaur

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Bachan Kaur (Madeleine) lives a life fueled by creativity, spirit and service to the evolution of consciousness. The power in her music lies in its purity - vibrating as a living prayer, evoking deep states of healing and love.

She is constantly exploring the creative expression of her music whether its ambient angelic trance and mantra, upbeat electronic dance, playful soul and hip hop or simple, yet stirring acoustic songwriting. The common thread is her voice - intimate and innocent, sacred and deep, ethereal and angelic - always straight from the heart.

As a self-taught musician, her music is born from within. Her love of singing really blossomed when she found Kundalini Yoga at the age of 18. It gave her soul a voice and she dove deep into a daily practice and the mystical music of the Sikh path. She received the destiny name "Bachan Kaur" (pronounced Ba~chin Koor) meaning "princess of promise". She has been a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga and the sound current for the past 11 years, self-producing 4 albums and leading groups in music, meditation and ceremony. Bachan is deeply devoted to the Divine Feminine and stewardship of the earth, and has spent time with the 13 indigenous grandmothers. Her birth name Madeleine keeps her rooted in the ancient ways of the Goddess, and she has been trained and ordained as a shamanic Magdelene Priestess over the past 3 years. She's also continually exploring and developing her passionate relationship with sacred dance, visual art and permaculture.

Bachan is currently sharing live sacred music with Livtar in the United States, and has just completed her first collaborative EP with Mahan Kalpa Singh, entitled "MADA love" to be released summer solstice 2011.

As a musician, artist, woman and huemanbeing, she is committed to living a life of self-love, authenticity, joy and evolution. It is her prayer that in doing so, it will inspire others and contribute to the awakening of divine consciousness on earth.