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Wooden Comb for daily use

Comb with handle
Price: $15.00

We have travelled far and wide and this is by the far, the best comb ever made. Made by our family friend in the northern mountains of China of the Anjui province. Using wooden combs are great for long hair as it does not pull on the strands and prevents breakage. Yogi Bhajan recommends combing hair for at least a few minutes and in every direction nightly to increase circulation. Acupressure points of the scalp are accessed each time you comb your hair.

Use this only on dry hair as combing wet hair should be avoided. Hair breakage is minimized with this comb and start at the bottom portion of the hair and comb in sections. The more you use it the darker the wood becomes. This comb is specially curved and has a handle that fits perfectly into your palm! One of my favorites!

Remember to dry off your comb before putting it away. It will last a lifetime!

Warning: Dropping it might damage it.