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Platinum Paiste Gong Package

Price: $1,700.00

When you are stirred to seek a gong, it usually means you are ready to be bathed in the sacred gong sound that is extremely healing for oneself and for others. Infinite Goddess proudly presents the whole line of Paiste Symphonic Gongs and the rare and limited number Brilliant Series. Gongs range in size from 24" to 60" and the popular sizes are 28", 30", 32" and 36"

Brilliant Gongs are rare and only a handful have been made. They have an extra chrome finish which makes them uber shiny, like a mirror, and the sound has a louder boom. This translates to more bang for your buck! It opens up a higher realm of frequency and sound. Brilliant Gongs costs a little bit more and are considered rare so there might be a longer wait time.


Call for a personal consult to determine the perfect size for your sound healing needs. 

The Platinum Packages start at $1,700 for 28" gong and $2,000 for 32" gong.

This includes:

-A Brand new Paiste Gong made in Germany

-A Paiste brand Mallet

-A custom built, all steel pipe Gong Stand

-A gong backpack for easy transport

-A one-on-one 30-minute  consult session to answer all of your gong concerns and questions

(Shipping costs are not included in this package price)