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Support the Mountain – Organic Parasidal Formula

Support the Mountain – Organic Parasidal Formula by Dr. Mikio Sankey
Price: $39.99

Known as the strongest broad spectrum parasidal formula, not only was it designed to kill existing parasites, it also seeks and destroys the eggs of parasites. When left untreated, the parasites produce a new colony within 6 months. This recipe was formulated by the pioneer of Esoteric Acupuncture, Dr. Mikio Sankey who believed that the way to higher consciousness is by listening to the heart and by living and eating lightly. In his 5th volume, Support the Mountain, he describes the path to higher consciousness - by tonifying the liver, adhering to an alkaline diet, cutting out acid forming foods, and ridding your system of parasites.

He has treated me over the last decade and has been my sole medical advisor. Being in good health does not pertain only to the physical form but on all levels. Toxic thoughtforms, negativity, and self criticsms are all attacks on the system. In order to break the cycle, his esoteric acupuncture were energetic downloads of ancient wisdom which helped me to develop an inner awareness that would help me acknowledge and break unproductive patterns. The sessions brought me to a place of silence where I would sleep deeply for what felt like hours. I would wake up disoriented and incredibly well rested knowing that I have touched a source of deep love within myself and that exists in the cosmos.

The Pioneer of Esoteric Acupuncture, Dr Mikio Sankey, L.Ac.
Dr. Mikio Sankey, L.Ac.

But the major break through happened when I reached for the consciousness of the herbal formulas. We first started with his Gentle Colon Cleanser to lightened up my system. Then it was time for the Liver/Gallbladder Flush. This was a one day flush that required 5 days of preparation. It was life altering to say the least. Then I was ready for the Parasidal Cleanser. This is the most powerful cleanse I have ever experienced. It is vital in anyone’s path to higher conscious to take these herbs and to transform with them. This inner fire rose up within me and all of a sudden, I was able to deal with things that I use to avoid. It gave me the strength and psychic space to confront and deal with long standing issues. It helped me consolidate my life and tie up loose ends. It provided me a head space that was not there previously and a majority of that is due to the changing of my diet. I took this formula religiously before, during, and after my worldly travels to India and Egypt. Upon my return and months after, I remain unscathed, no digestive issues. It is an incredible strength builder, as well as consciousness lifter. It is recommended to buy 3 bottles. Try the first bottle followed by a second bottle and then take a month break and finish up the cleanse by taking the third bottle. I have skin miracles happen and skin blemished clear up, eyes brightening, increased energy, and better quality of sleep. People have reported major weight losses, slimming down of their abdominal area, and improved circulation.