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Ek Ong Kar Pendant

Ek Ong Kar Pendant
Ek Ong Kar Pendant
Price: $75.00

chose with or without necklace

Make a statement with this powerful, magnetic, and elegant pendant and neckalce.

Forged by skillful hands by the Harimander Sahib/Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, this beautiful pendant is the sacred Ek Ong Kar (The One Creator) enclosed within a radiant heart. With two very sparkly crystals; a peridot (skillful communications and longevity) and a citrine(the planet of Jupiter for expansion and wisdom), this necklace creates the effect of infusing you with the power of the sacred sound of Ek Ong Kar and the beginning of the Mul Mantra. I highly recommend chanting (aloud or silently) or listening the to Mul Mantra all day and night. The root mantra has the power to transform and elevate. Chant powerfully with the power of your radiant heart and share your blessings with the world.

This is perfect when you need a little something to pick you up.  A very charming yet shiny piece for your daily adventures. For all ages. 

The pendant and the necklace are both 24K Gold plated. Great for people with sensitive skin.  

Sat Nam. 


size pendant (width x height): 1 5/8 inch x 1 7/8 inch

the necklace is about 20 1/2 inch / 52 cm long in total.


pendant: about 17 grams / 0.60 ounces

necklace: about 21 grams / 0.74 ounces

together: about 38 grams / 1.30 ounces