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Ultra Sheer Light-weight White Chuni

chuni plain
Price: $35.00

This is a sheer and lightweight chuni made of a silk blend. Perfect for those who are active and who do ot have the time to iron. Simply spray with fine misting water bottle and shake out. Its quick to wear and hassle free.


For ladies, the chuni is a powerful yogic tool for women to enhance the auras. The chuni adds to the 10th body - the radiant body.

The elegant edges gently wave in the wind as it quietly brushes your aura offering an extra layer of protection.

Wearing a chuni is not only a yogic technology but a step towards raditating your beauty and grace.

1. Take chuni  with two hands and place middle of chuni on top of the turban

2. Place chuni's lengthwise edge to the front of the turban allowing the chuni to flow from the top of the head to the shoulders

3. Secure comfortably with an Adi Shakti Pin or wear freely on top of head