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6mm Tiger Eye Meditation Mala from Tibet

6mm Tiger Eye Meditation Mala from Tibet
balance between extremes, vitality, practicality
Price: $42.00

Tiger Eye has been known for centuries as a stone that brings balance between extremes. It is the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus, the navel point, the center of power. It is the seat of strength of vitality and brings out the qualities of fairness. It is practical and very discerning.


When you meditate with this mala, it helps to bring you to a decision towards a definite action. Tiger Eye opens the mental planes and to possibilties where there were once blocks or limitations. It takes you to a place of "gold dust" where you unconditional love and acceptance exists.
This is an excellent mala that will take you out far into the space of love and return you to act with applied consciousness on planet earth. It helps to channle your energy more fully.