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7mm Labradorite Meditation Mala from Nepal

7mm Labradorite
7mm Labradorite center
Price: $72.00

This hand strewn mala comes from a purely devotional space in Nepal, from the steps of Boudnath, one of the holiest pilgrame sites for Buddishts all over the world.  Boudnath, located at the heart of Kathmandu,Nepal is a hub of devotional activities including many who come from miles doing prostrations to the Buddha on the streets and culminating at the epicenter of this holy site. There are mantras chanted all day and night long as pilgrimages spin the prayer wheels and walk in a clockwise fashion The Buddhist monasteries surround the City Center and it is from this place these Malas are born.

Constructions Details:

Length- 15.5"

String - Heavy woven nylon string

Qualities: The Scorcerer's Stone, self-mastery, occult powers, protection

Labradorite comes mainly from Madagascar and is known as the Magician's Stone. For the Scorerer in you, this is perfect to develop the occult and mystical powers to be used for the Light. It is extremely protective and is very warm to the touch. For those along the path of Self- Mastery, this is the stone to help develop sensitivity and discernment.