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India, Liberation through the Sacred Sound Current & Level 2 Vitality and Stress

Golden Temple
Price: $1,595.00

Spiritual Seekers! India, Liberation through the Sacred Sound Current with Dr. Haridass Kaur, Ph.D. and Sat Tara Singh


Ocotber 22-30, 2018

Sat Nam.

Let us be your guides to navigate the wonders of the magical lands of Northern India. Join us for 9 full days of Bhakti/Devotion, Seva, and Mukta/Liberation. $2,295 USD covers your 3- vegetarian meals/day, daily sadhana, and double-occupancy accommodations.



Join us as we take a deep dive into the magical realms of the ancient language of the Masters in the form of shabds. Wake up the dormant mind and allow your tongue to vibrate the upper palate to form the sounds of the ancient Masters.  Entrench your mind, body, and soul as you climb the steps of Goindwal Sahib and reciting Japji 84 times! You can read Japji from you Nitnem, a laminated sheet in english transliteration or in Gurmukhi. Contact us today to get you started on your practice.



Overwhelm your senses and shake out all that is not serving you so you may operate at a higher, more authentic frequency of your upgraded self. By walking on the cold white marble, blessed by saints for hundreds of years, you will have a chance to imemrse yourself in the nectar tank to heal yourself of any afflications. You will have a chance to enter one of the holiest and historic sites in the wolrd where hundreds and thousands of peopel come to pray each day. You will have a chance to do seva and serve meals to those in need. 



As you enter the holdy waters of the Golden Temple, you can feel the cold marble on your feet and the almost tangible sacredness of millions of piligrams that come to this holy site. Taking a dip in the sarovar, the nectar tank is a devoted act of purification. Come to cleanse your moind, body, and soul. Leave the heaviness behind as you walk into the gilded walls of the Golden Temple. Walk in with reverence and with honor. Bow to the Guru, the central and highest energy housed in the Golden Temple, the place where all knowledge is stored and where all knowledge flows from. Come and present your personal prayers as the beautiful music surrounds you and uplifts you.

 Course Fee: $995 before October 1 or $1,195 after

Shared Accommodations and meals $600



October 22-30, 2018

* Fly to Amritsar or train from Delhi to Amrtisar on the Shatabdi Express (5 hours or more)
October 22-23, Arrive Amritsar, check in hotel, welcome dinner, early evening marathon at Goindwal Sahib 

Ocotber 24-29 Level 2 Vitality and Stress 8am-5pm and Chetna Yatra 6-8pm 

Ocotber 28, Guru Ram Das Birthday at the Golden Temple 

Daily visits to the Golden Temple and seva.

Flights are not included. We will meet for dinner of October 22nd at 5pm in Amritsar. India Visas are required and take about 3-4 weeks to obtain. Please check with your local travel visa company. 

See you again on the next Spiritual Journey.

Sat Nam.