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Adi Shakti with flowers

Adi Shakti sacred art
Price: $108.00

The pwerfect balance between of bhakti and shakti of power of devotion/beuaty and the power of the sword/discipline.

The mighty symbol of Adi Shakti representing the primal power and the weapons that are needed to protect that creative primal force.

Set in the 3rd chakra of navel intelligence and power, the Adi Shakti to surrounded by gentle and flowers and the rich fertile green border. The swords of Miri and Piri representing the etheric and temporal realms of heaven and earth rest peacefully on the lush earth.  


Knowing when to act and when to not act, that is the key to balance.

Let the Adi Shaktibless your space and project wisdom, justice, peace and balance into your home.


Available in stretch canvas 

Dimensions 11 x 14 inches or 27 x 35 cm and thickness 1.5 inche or 3.8 cm

This valuable contribution to humanity is a gift of true inspiration and deep expression of love and reverence by Sewa Kaur and Sewa Singh.

Digitally preserved for future generations by Ramjiwan Singh Stephan Stickler. 
Thank You for your hard work.