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Guru Nanak Sitting on White Lotus

Guru Nanak white lotus
Price: $108.00

This elegant piece depicts Guru Nanak floating on a white lotus in total perfection. Surrounded in pink, heart-centered, 4th chakra love space, Guru Nanak is floating on the wings of the heart. Let him bless your space with peace and compassion. 

Available in stretch canvas 

Dimensions 11 x 14 inches or 27 x 35 cm and thickness 1.5 inche or 3.8 cm

This valuable contribution to humanity is a gift of true inspiration and deep expression of love and reverence by Sewa Kaur and Sewa Singh.

Digitally preserved for future generations by Ramjiwan Singh Stephan Stickler. 
Thank You for your hard work.


Thank you for your uplifting artwork!