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Tantric Necklaces

The Tantric Necklaces are here! They are exquisite, simply beautiful and are powerful yogic tools to enhance and deepen one's meditation. Yogi Bhajan said that no negativity would be able to enter your aura when wearing a Tantric Necklace.
In a casual comment, Yogi Bhajan made a reference to a certain design that contained the Z-Tantric energy in the form of a necklace used in ancient times. Being an astute researcher as well as a trained architect, Guru Hans Singh, rediscovered the blueprints of the unique design in the volumes of the yogic texts in 1982. Yogi Bhajan's students gathered up some money and created the prototype based on the ancient drawing. When they presented it to him, Yogi Bhajan immediately recognized the design and called it the Tantric Necklace.
"Each bead has a unique energy, just as each person has a unique energy. The string is the universal force that binds us all together. As Guru Arjan says " Wherever I look, the Lord is there; It is the string, upon which all hearts are strung". The intricate weave of the necklace string is specifically done in the Tantric zig-zag pattern which becomes a powerful conduit for this diagonally flowing energy. It cuts through the deepest blocks and also enhances the healing qualities of the gemstones. Wearing the Tantric Necklace Malareveals your hidden brilliance and limitless potential.
These precious yogic tools and jewelry are made by Nine Treasures in Espanola, New Mexico and Infinite Goddess is honored to share them with the world. Sat Nam.