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Specialty Turbans Pure White

finest white
Price: $40.00

Come one come all.
Time to wear your shiniest crown.

You are royalty so crown yourself!

Here is a 5 meter super soft, highest quality, Tip Top cotton of the lightest weight and finest weave. 

This is not your average white truban.

Oh no! It is not! I hand selected myself and I wear only the finest and straight from Amritsar!

That's over 16 feet of pure heaven on your head!  Split in 2 lengthwise for a second turban. Do this to lessen the weight and keep the volume. 

Create  your own unique style! 

Make sure you wasj the starch off of it before you wear it. Hand or machine wash and dry flat. I recommend hanginig it from the shower curtain or door.

The more you wash it, the softer it becomes which means the more pliable it is and easier to style.

Don't forget to post a picture of yourself and use #infinitegoddessturbans

Thanks and keep rockin' your turban royal family.

Sat Nam.