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Support the Mountain

Support the MountainThe 5th book in the series of Esoteric Acupuncture. Support The Mountain is the first work to incorporate Naturopathy and fresh, raw, whole foods within the framework of Chinese Medicine, integrating whole foods with the body, mind and spirit. This book is especially written for those who seek a newer, "Higher Frequency Inner Rhythm" to enter the Field of an Awakened Humanity. Fresh, raw, organic, whole foods and freshly squeezed juices vibrate with a very fine frequency allowing you to become more aware of your thoughts and actions and how these affect you, others and everything around you. An "Awakened Heart" will not allow you to put things into your body that are harmful to yourself or to others. Your wise choice of foods will allow you to expand both your exoteric and esoteric worlds leading you to a world of harmony, joy, love and harmlessness. Contents include: energetics, the physical properties of various biochemical elements, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and others and interconnects this to our physical body, enzymes, probiotics, iron foods, sodium foods, iodine foods and others. Dr. Sankey has interwoven the concepts of Naturopathy with the Chinese Five Element theory and Chinese medical concepts into a new and usable format for the Age of Aquarius. There is a discussion on how "Support The Mountain" refers to connecting our Brahmarandra Chakra to open into our Guru Chakra and Shasrara (Crown Chakra). There is also one New Encoding Acupuncture Pattern called The Crystalline Grid Pattern. Another very provocative book, the main focus of which is on choices of foods to best support moving into higher planes of consciousness.

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Excerpts from the book:

“Esoteric Acupuncture is a synthesis of traditional Chinese acupuncture and Chinese Five Element theory with the Hindu nadi system and laya yoga, elements of the Hebrew Kabbala (Qabbalah), Sacred Geometry, field, quantum and superstring physics, Dinshah’s color theories, Pythagorean numbers, Platonic solids, tetrahedral geometry, the Tibetan philosophy of Djwhal Khul, the Theosophical concepts of Madame Blavatsky, jnana yoga, Naturopathy and a few newer thoughts of the Age of Aquarius. All of these philosophies are combined in a usable format through the utilization of the Chakra Patterns and the New Encoding Patterns of Esoteric Acupuncture. Most people do not realize the scope of Esoteric Acupuncture. Esoteric Acupuncture is a concept on a way of viewing life and a suggestion on how to make changes to maximize a harmonious existence in this lifetime.”

— Mikio Sankey, Support the Mountain, Chapter 1, page 6

“Esoteric Acupuncture involves a total lifestyle change from merely living in the mundane outer world to being able to move into a more meaningful synthesis of both outer and inner worlds. This involves the participant taking responsibility for his or her daily life on all levels. We are attempting to move from a mere physical existence to the soul level and higher. It is up to each individual to make this choice.”

Mikio Sankey, Support the Mountain, Chapter 1 page 7

“Others may want to move into a higher level of existence and consciousness. This requires that you also clean your physical body to vibrate at a cleaner higher vibrational level to be able to make sense of the expansiveness of new realities in the internal esoteric world. You must take responsibility to understand your own special inner rhythm and inner vibrations. You will develop and forge your own inner spiritual path. Humanity and the planet are very rapidly moving into a greater expansive consciousness, whether you are aware of the shift or not. Do not be left behind stuck in the old ways. The Age of Aquarius with a heightened level of consciousness, spirituality and wisdom is upon us now. You can be among the leaders and co-creators of this next phase for humanity, or you may be a follower. The choice is up to you.”

Mikio Sankey, Support the Mountain, Chapter 1 page 7