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Support the Mountain, Premium Organic Vegan Herbal Formulas: To optimize your health naturally

The Parasidal Formula and the Gentle Colon Cleanser from Support the Mountain were formulated by Dr. Mikio Sankey.

Parasidial FormulaThe Parasidal Formula contains two different types of wormwood, artemisia annuae and artemisia absynthium, plus additional parasite herbs to target both the large and small intestinal tracts. It also contains powdered cloves to kill parasite eggs. If you do not kill the parasite eggs, you will have a full colony of parasites within several months of a cleanse. Dr. Sankey has been investigating and working with various parasite formulas for twenty years, and feels that this formula from Support the Mountain is the most broad spectrum formula available today. The herbs are 100% organic and placed in “00” vegetarian capsules.
$39.99 for 150 premium organic herbal vegan capsules.
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There have been some amazing testimonials I have heard over the years regarding the usage of this herbal formula. Here are some amazing but true stories. 

February 11, 2013Wells calls me from Sarasota, Florida today to order several bottles of Support the Mountain Parasidal Formula. He tells me he's taken a capsule a day for the past 3 years and he doesn't know what it's for except his friend John told him it was good for him. Wells is a diabetic and has to tests his blood every few months. After a while, the doctor asks him whose blood he is using for the tests because it's not his. The formula is a blood purifier and helps to change the blood alkalinity. Wells' blood had been cleaned up! Sure, Wells is on a diabetic diet and tries his best to take care of himself but never knew what Support the Mountain Parasidal Formula does.    July 1, 2011 A couple from Vancouver, BC wrote me an email to reorder some more herbs for their world travels. When asked what are the effects of the herbs, the husband tells me, not much happened except we both lost over 20 pounds each, have brighter skin, and have more energy! I asked him to repeat himself as I thought he was joking but he was serious. All that did happen for them. They were taking 2 twice daily or 4 capsules a day on ane empty stomach.